Enjoying mixing music wasn’t enough at some point, so the logical next step was to broadcast it for the public. Offering the same service to the community, is using resources in a sustainable way, so we share our experience as a music and IT professionals to provide exceptional value for those who enjoy adding the special touch to their home, business, gallery or event.

Our team

Liam Neville


Being a music and IT professional, broadcasting music to the community has always been a special interest. Exceptional service and constant improvement of the services are a daily goal.

Nadja Neville


As a semi pro music creator and tech enthusiast, working on a music broadcasting service is a special treat. Taking time for the client and going the extra mile to make them happy are daily goals.

Why Us?

Advanced Broadcasting

Comprehensive and easy to use software with enough reserves to cover demanding scenarios. Exceptional security measures and daily dislocated backups. All systems live monitored 24/7 and supervised by staff.

Exceptional Service

The SL-Radio team guides you from the first step to advanced configurations. Technical knowledge made understandable for everyone is key in learning how to get the most out of your radio channel.

Professional Hosting

State of the art server hardware, professional datacenter environment and sufficient bandwidth to accomodate for a great audience. Constantly maintained software base and 100% green energy powering your station.