WE ARE A CREATIVE radio provider for your virtual world

SL-Radio is the perfect solution to create an amazing music broadcasting station for your club, gallery, sim build, your home or your business in the virtual world. . If you’re looking to create a captivating presence, amaze your visitors or customers, then you’ve found the right tool. The station channel is easy to manage, with a drag-and-drop comprehensive interface and easy to manage within a few minutes.

Our Services

Custom Radio Channels

Set up your own unique station for your very own individual touch. The team of SL-Radio will guide you through the setup process and put up a very own personal radio station for you. get the last finishing touch to your land, gallery, shop or simply share your music with your friends.

Curated Music Streams

The radio stream can cover a variety of styles carefully chosen by our team. Your very own music or let us suggest the theme. Do you prefer chill and ambient sounds to let your customers enjoy their shopping or you want some nice background for your gallery?

DJ Performance

You want the personal touch of a live performance to add the last bit of style to your event? Let the team of SL-Radio provide you with a live mixing DJ! Featuring the style you desire, or let the team suggest one matching the mood of your event, exhibition or gallery opening. 

Why Us?

Advanced Broadcasting

Comprehensive and easy to use software with enough reserves to cover demanding scenarios, exceptional security measures and daily dislocated backups. All systems live monitored 24/7 and supervised by staff.

Exceptional service

The SL-Radio team guides you from the first step to advanced configurations. Technical knowledge made understandable for everyone is key in learning how to get the most out of your radio channel.

Professional Hosting

State of the art server hardware, professional datacenter environment and sufficient bandwidth to accomodate for a great audience. Constantly maintained software base and 100% green energy powering your station.

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